Standards & Policies

Quality Control & Safety Policy

Quality is the very important for the PEB products designed and manufactured by InfraGreen. The InfraGreen brand is respected because of the quality, reliability, and assurance built into the PEB products and PEB fabrication services offered by the company.

The Quality practices followed by the infra green which has led to improvements
in all the departments inside the company and the products we manufacture are as follows:

  1. All Our Pre engineered building products meet the Indian national and worldwide international Steel building construction standard requirements.
  2.  To ensure quality, all products are passed through very strict quality checks in all the stages of steel building PEB manufacturing.
  3. An established quality management system that continuously seeks to improve itself satisfies the relevant national and international metal building construction quality management system requirements.
  4. The project quality department and its members ensure end-to-end quality for its buildings during execution and completion.
  5.  This stamp represents InfraGreen commitment to quality. It is backed by years of research and development with the most modular equipment and strict quality checks at each stage of PEB production.
  6. We are the best Metal roofing sheets manufacturer, best industrial building manufacturer, best shed manufacturer, best steel shed fabricator, best metal sheet manufacturer, best PEB manufacturer in Tamilnadu because of the quality of our materials.
  7. Our quality products are used for PEB steel sheds, PEB for schools and colleges building, PEB dairy form, PEB warehouse, PEB textile buildings, PEB mills , PEB metal roofings and so on.

International Standards

InfraGreen pre-engineered building constructions are custom-designed solutions to meet the needs of the customer. All buildings and other structures are  constructed in accordance with the Indian Standards for the applied load. They are designed and manufactured with respect to the recent editions of the following codes:

  1. Low-rise Buildings System Manual – Metal Building Manufacturers Association Inc.,(MBMA) – USA.
  2. Manual for Steel Construction, Allowable Stress Design – American Institute of Steel Construction Inc.,(AISC) – USA.
  3. Cold-Formed Steel Design Manual – American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI), USA.

Our Services such as factory construction, steel building construction, textile building construction, building fabrication, metal roofing, roofing sheets, building cooling systems, factory ventilation systems, factory light systems, etc are done according to the above standards.