Pre Engineered Steel Buildings Construction Elements

We all know that PEB the Pre Engineered Building or Pre Engineered steel buildings are made at the factories and assembled at the construction location. We are the best pre-engineered building fabricator in Tamilnadu having our manufacturing unit at coimbatore, now tirupur district. In this article we would like to talk about the important components used in the Steel building construction.

Pre Engineered Buildings consist different steel structural elements
  1. Primary Frame: Primary framing is an assembly of built up I-Shaped steel structure & that framing consists of trusses, castellated beams etc.
  2. Secondary Structural Elements: It is actually Cold Formed structure, which can be in different shapes like “Z”, “C” etc. In general known as “Purlins”.
  3. Roof & Wall Panels : The Tin shades & Curtain Wall made of Glass & Roll-formed steel sheets usually comes in this category
  4. Sandwich Panels: Sandwich Panel is made of three layers, in which a non-Aluminum Core is inserted t=between the  two aluminum sheets.
  5. Other Accessories: Mezzanine floors, Bolts, Insulation, etc.

The above-said structures are general components/structures. We modify the methods based on international standards suitable for the needs of the buildings. You can know more about all framing structures here 

Infragreen is one of the best PEB steel building construction companies in Coimbatore, Erode, Salam, and Tiruppur.

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