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PEB Products Accessories

InfraGreen metal building construction have the flexibility to allow integration of all kinds of standard bought out accessories in the market. InfraGreen also supplies proprietary accessories from its own manufacturing unit at tirupur or coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

Framed Openings

Framed openings are created in the wall framing, generally out of cold-formed sections to accommodate building doors, building windows, building shutters, etc. Framed openings help the industrial steel buildings to have wide doors and shutters for the easy movement of vehicles, machinery, and other operations.

Fixed Louvers

The industrial steel building structures, showrooms, and factories need various systems for the passage of smoke, heat, and air during operations. Louvers help to serve this purpose. S-Type louvers are available in depths of 100mm to 200 mm for use on walls.

Sky Lights

Skylights help to get a controlled amount of natural light/sunlight required by various industrial buildings. GRP or Polycarbonate panels sky lighting panels which are most compatible with the roof and wall panels are available. Flat-panel strip lighting is also available.

Ridge Ventilators

InfraGreen supplies a range of ventilators in throat sizes from 200 mm to 600 mm with complete fixing accessories. Industrial Ventilators with movable dampers are also available. As the name says, ventilators help in maintaining the buildings and steel structures climate. It is advised to have the necessary ventilation which in turn helps in health and productivity.

Roof Monitors

Roof monitors run along the edge of the roof but can be customized to various areas based on requirements. Roof monitors can be installed in buildings for natural ventilation and for ridge lighting.

Roof Curb

Roof curbs are raised frames used for various special purposes in industrial buildings such as air-conditioning, the exhaust fans, roof lighting solutions, etc. Roof curbs are also installed for special roof penetration requirements. Watch our metal building construction in the districts of coimbatore, erode, and tirupur.