PEB Steel building construction uses

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InfraGreen pre engineered steel building construction are tailor-made solutions as per customer’s needs and are custom-designed to meet exact requirements in the major districts of Tamilnadu such as coimbatore, tirupur, erode and salem.


Prime Quality, Long Life span and Economic
2. Heat Minimization by insulation
3. Faster Construction time
4. Architectural Flexibility
5. Time and cost for installing and Dismantling is very minimum
6. Can easily Remove and Install in another place
7. Maintenance cost is Minimum
8. Easy integration with traditional steel construction materials such as brickwork,
glazing, timber, etc.
9. Optimization based on customer’s requirements.
10.Addition of canopies as a direct continuation of the roofline or at a lower level
with positive or negative roof slopes.
11.Addition of parapets, partially or completely around the building.
12.Weather-proof roof and wall coverings
13.Accessories for maintenance-free exteriors.

14.Optimized design of steel thereby reducing weight, while meeting all design
15.Quality design, manufacturing, and installation.


1. Industrial Buildings construction
2. Residential Buildings construction
3. Multi-storey Buildings  construction
4. Bridges construction
5. factories construction
6. Stadiums construction
7. Warehouses construction
8. Workshops construction
9. Aircraft Hangars construction
10.Showrooms construction
11.Supermarkets construction
12.Car Parking construction

All major PEB steel construction are carried at best price because we are manufacturers of PEB steel buildings in and around coimbatore. we also manufacture metal roofing sheets, metal cooling sheets, industrial ventilators and supporting building accessories.

Credibly innovate granular internal
sources whereas high standards
Energistically scale future-proof core
competencies vis-a-vis impactful experiences.