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PEB Design & Engineering

Our Peb Steel building design team carefully gets all the rough plans and requirements from our customers. After it reaches the design and engineering team in our manufacturing unit at Tirupur, coimbatore,  we will closely work with the following factors to create a state of the art plan for the building.

Primary and secondary Framing

Framing is one of the major structures that adds strength and shape to the steel building construction. We discuss the importance of framing with the customers. And come up with a clear decision to choose the primary and/or secondary framing for the building.

Single Roof System Model

The single roof system is the type of roof system in the industrial building construction that has minimum floor space or small buildings in a naturally safe and secure area. The single roof is also a single slope structure ( SS ) that has one way of the roof slope. Which is also a cost-reducing element for your small showrooms and shops especially in tamilnadu, India.

Two Roof System Model

The two roof system is the type of roof system for large buildings having to
spread more sq meters. To strengthen the system it will be constructed with
Multi-Span (MS). This adds more strength to wind speed and medium to rough climatic conditions in the area.

Three wall System Model

The three wall systems are constructed in combination with MS – Multi-span Metal Roofs to provide support and add strength to the building structure. We take accurate measurements and run different models based on the requirements of the steel building and conclude the final version of the building design.

Arch Roof System Model

The Arch roof systems are specially designed roofing solutions for special industries that require custom space at the top of the steel factory construction. Like the traditional roof systems, arch roof systems also have different spans namely Arched Clear Span ( AS) and Arched Clear Multi-Span (AM-1).

Lean System Model

To create variations for the special needs in the steel buildings the lean systems have various geometries. In such cases, we follow the Lean-To ( LT ) technique as shown in the picture.

Connection Materials

Once we have made all the choices, then we come to connecting the
various structures discussed. We have our own steel building manufacturing unit in tirupur, coimbatore to produce all our connecting materials. The connecting materials are of high-grade steel from industry-leading suppliers


These are all supporting materials used in connections like screws, joints, levers and other materials. We get these quality materials from industry-grade suppliers and convert them into our needs.


Flashings are the thin sheet of materials used to protect the roofing
structures from water. It serves to create a passage for the water flow during heavy rains. Flashing is also used in the border areas of chimneys, ventilation, and other joints.

Integrated Accessories

Accessories includes the roofing sheet, ventilation materials, insulating materials, air cooling systems, wall materials, sealants, thermal materials, acoustic systems, weatherproofing systems, etc Each of these materials is custom designed and manufactured in our factory