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PEB Steel Buildings Systems

InfraGreen pre-engineered buildings in tamilnadu are special custom made solutions based on customer’s requirements. Each steel building is custom-designed to meet the exact requirements. These steel building structures are flexible enough to suit different building dimensions; and are easily expandable, can withstand different climatic weather conditions along with maintenance-free exteriors for a long time.

Pre-engineered buildings are suitable for commercial building construction and industrial operations and large commercial operations. Steel Warehouses construction, Steel showrooms construction, steel factories construction, aircraft hangars construction, cold storage units construction, big workshops construction, large stadiums construction, supermarkets construction or any high-rise buildings construction in tamilnadu especially in coimbatore, erode, tirupur and salem. All can be built using pre-engineered technology. Infra Green Pre-Engineered Metal PEB Building fabricator Systems offer modern solutions to all building constructions along with superior quality, better efficiency, and long durability.

Building Nomenclature

Infra Green thinks every steel building is unique. We create custom plans for every steel building project we undertake. We apply building nomenclature to all our projects.

Building Nomenclature

Building Width

Building width is defined as the distance between the outer side of an eave strut ( C Shaped structure to support metal roof and panelling on the outer edge ) of one sidewall to the outer side of an eave strut of the opposite sidewall.

Building Length

Building Length is defined as the distance between the outside flanges of end wall columns of the building measured in the opposite end walls. The building length is also a combination of several bay lengths.

End Bay Length

End bay length is the distance from the outer side of the outer flange of end wall columns of the building to the centreline of the first interior frame column.

Interior Bay Length

The most common bay spacings in steel building fabricator are 6 meters, 7.5 meters, and 9 meters. The
bay lengths can go up to 15 meters.

Building Height

Building height is the eave height, which is usually measured as the distance from the bottom of the mainframe column base plate to the top outer point of the eave strut of the building. Eave height can be up to 30 meters. When columns are recessed or elevated from the finished floor of the building then the eave height is the distance from the finished floor to the top of the eave strut.

Roof Slope (X/10)

The roof slope is the angle of the roof with respect to the horizontal base. The
most common roof slope is 1/10. However, any practical roof slope is possible.

Design Loads

Unless otherwise specified, InfraGreen pre-engineered buildings are designed
using the following minimum loads:
1. Roof Live Load: 0.75 kN/m2
2. Design Wind Speed: As per IS:875 for location.
Design for seismic loads, collateral loads or any other local conditions must be specified at the time of quotation. Loads are applied in accordance with the latest American Codes and Standards
applicable to pre-engineered buildings unless otherwise requested at the time of quotation.