Ventilation in steel building roof & advantage

Ventilation is a mechanical system installed in a commercial building in the proposals of bringing the fresh outdoor air into the indoor in order to control the air borne contamination. The basic elements in the building ventilation are ventilation rate , airflow direction and air distribution or airflow pattern. Ventilation rate is the quantity and quality of the outdoors provided into the space. Controlling  the air flow from clean zone to dirty zone is airflow direction. Effective supply of outdoor air into space and removal of airborne pollution is air distribution or airflow pattern.

Advantages Ventilation in steel building:

  • In steel buildings the ventilation system is installed on the roof so that extra or additional space is required.
  • Installing the ventilation in the steel structure or building is cost effective.
  • Steel structure the ventilation system can be installed once after the construction of the shed or work is completed.
  • It is easy to customize the ventilation system based on the requirement in the steel structure.
  • Ventilation maintenance cost is less in steel structures.
  • With growing business needs the number of ventilation systems can be increased in the steel building with little effort, time and cost.

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