Our Strengths

Why infragreen PEB construction is the best

InfraGreen is India’s one of the preferred turnkey PEB fabricator and construction engineering companies when it comes to pre-engineered steel construction solutions. We provide 100 days completion confidence.

Our Solutions include PEB Pre-Engineered Buildings, Steel building construction, Metal Roofing, Metal Wall Systems, Industrial Steel building construction, showroom construction, factory construction etc., in tamilnadu.

PEB Manufacturing Facilities

Our several success factors including InfraGreen superior research and Design Centre, one of the best steel manufacturing facilities, a large team of trained and dedicated construction engineers, secure delivery of PEB materials and project completion within the cost and time boundaries. We construct PEB commerical buildings as PEB in salem, PEB in erode, PEB in coimbatore and PEB in Tirupur.

PEB Save Cost and Time

The average size of a pre-engineered building project is approximately 5000 sq meters and can be completed within 100 days from the date of the finalization of drawings. This can be 20% more economical than any other conventional structure. We are the best PEB fabricator manufacturing at best price. We sale metal roofing sheets at low price / factory price.

PEB Construction Quality Guarantee

Infragreen is a reputed Indian company which founded and grown in the country, InfraGreen offers the assurance through an excellent track record, strong financial background and a nationwide network of distributors and steel builders with local professional support.

Quality Software

Inside Infragreen design office, each of your steel commercial buildings and metal roofing are designed with the utmost quality and expert detailing is followed for every nook and corner. Buildings are analysed using custom-developed tools, complete pre fabrication drawings and software drawings generated for each sq meters. We categorize designs for showroom roofing construction, textile building construction, etc in tamilnadu

Modern Methods

With custom-designed construction of steel buildings that offer structural systems made to suit your requirements, speedy PEB construction methods and Best cost PEB construction efficiency, Infragreen gives necessary strength for the buildings to last longer than the traditional approach.

Knowledge & Experience

InfraGreen design is the knowledge and engineering back-end for the
manufacturing facilities at pongalur roofings. The detailed design works help to improve every step in the manufacturing process which in turn helps in saving time and money in the products. we are the best peb fabricator and peb manufacturer in tamilnadu.