Light Weight Metal buildings

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Light Weight Metal buildings

InfraGreen developed a new way of building efficient low-cost building systems called Light-weight metal building construction Systems. It is the ultimate combination of design, materials, machinery, and manufacturing of “Standard Stud and Track” profiles automatically by combining the latest high tech software and machine control system imported from the leading technology partners from German and the USA. we are the Metal building manufacturer in coimbatore and tirupur, strive to achieve the best quality in our projects.

The control software and manufacturing machinery are specially designed for high volume manufacturing and industrial construction operations. InfraGreen Lightweight metal systems are ideal for situations where speed, reliability, and flexibility are critical in delivering a project. Every product that comes out of the process is accurately formed.
Then they are cut, punched, dimpled, individually labelled and ready for ‘screw together’ assembly.

Once reached the site, they can be further assembled as per architectural drawings, in no time by simply snapping the wall frames and floor joints together and fixing them with self-tapping screws.

Key Features

InfraGreen Light Weight Metal Building construction System is the new revolutionary product that has been very recently introduced to the Indian market. Though it is at a very initial stage in India however it is very extensively used in almost all building construction in developed countries like the US, UK, and Europe because of its unique features. Infragreen is the best metal building and metal roofing contractor and gives this unique building construction to the districts such as coimbatore, erode tirupur and other major cities in Tamilnadu.

Exterior Finishes

  1. Metal roofing construction
  2. Metal wall claddings
  3. Glazing wooden panels
  4. Veneer finishes
  5. Exterior grade cement board walls

Interior Finishes

1. Gypsum board wall panels
2. Metal or gypsum false ceilings
3. Plyboard wall panels
4. Veneer finishes
5. Vitrified tiles