PEB Primary Framing Systems

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Primary Framing Systems

Infra Green pre-engineered steel buildings are optimized to meet the specific requirements of each client. Commonly used primary framing systems are shown in the picture. All frames shown are for the model and are symmetrical about the ridgeline. Framing systems which are asymmetrical about the ridgeline are also possible.

Multi-span systems with unequal width respect to modules and frames outside of the ranges are also possible. But these PEB steel structures require a special study and implementation procedures.

This is the most important steel structure of the building. The primary Framing systems forms the outermost structure of the steel building and gives the strength and stability to the building. We have various sections in the primary framing systems as follows

Intermediate Frames

Intermediate frames for industrial steel buildings & PEP structures consist of
built-up welded members. For the multi-span frames, the intermediate columns are made in a way, either pipe sections, which are, hot-rolled profiles or built-up welded profiles. Frames are complemented by flange bracing systems for the support, connection bolts, and anchor bolts. Column bases are generally pinned. Fixed connections, if required specifically, as per design, can also be done. Look at our steel building construction on this type in coimbatore region.

Endwall Frames

Endwall frames consist of either built-up welded structure, hot-rolled or cold-rolled columns which support a cold-formed or hot-rolled rafter structure. Frames are complemented by connection bolts, anchor bolts and wind bracing structure. The end wall frames add strength and support to the PEP structure and steel buildings.

Wind Bracing

Wind bracing helps and provides longitudinal stability for the industrial buildings. It consists of cross-bracing located in the roof of the building and side walls in one or more bays. This depends on the quantity of load and the length of the steel buildings. The cross-bracings of the structure can be replaced either by wind portal frames or by fixed base wind columns located adjacent to and connected to the mainframe columns of the structure.

Crane Brackets

Crane brackets are used to support the crane beams and are fixed to the column flanges. Since there are so many workloads on the industry scale, crane brackets are carefully articulated and installed in the steel and metal building structures.  infragreen is the manufacturer of all the steel building components in coimbatore and tirupur. we supply all over Tamilnadu.