Pothigai Mahal Tirupur

Pothigai Mahal Tirupur

Project Overview

Pothigai Mahal – Tirupur wants to construct a new construction of building in steel structure for its fast-growing business. They are looking for a futuristic and optimal solution for their showroom. InfraGreen approached them and explained about pre-engineered buildings and the cost

Our Solutions

The infraGreen team did research on Pre-engineered buildings as per the requirements given by Pothigai Mahal. We analyzed the land area and drafted a plan for construction.

Within a short span of time, we can able to give them a neat Steel building construction plan. The PEB plan includes the Showroom construction procedures, Cost cutting due to PEB construction, Metal roofing systems plans, Ventilation plans, and Lighting plans.  As per the specs, PEB construction was done and handed over to the clients.


The Major Advantages for the PEB Construction method for the client

1.Reduction in cost.

2.Time saved in construction.

3.Starting the new showroom as early as possible.

Project Details

Pothigai Mahal
10000 Sq ft
3 Months

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