About Iconic Steel Structure Of Tamilnadu

What is a steel structure?

The steel structure is nothing but a metal structure made with structural steel to create a varied shape in the structure.

How steel became the first material chosen for construction in the early 1900s?

Until the 19th-century steel has not been widely used in the field of construction. The great industrial revolution in the early 1900 ‘s made steel one of the predominant materials in the construction industry. Its uniformity, strength, and resistance nature  steel makes it a first choice material in the construction industry. Steel structures last longer than expected. In this article, we will be discussing the few important iconic steel structures of our own Tamilnadu.

Pamban Bridge, Rameswaram:

Pamban Bridge is the most iconic and familiar steel structure known to most  people in and out of India. It’s the first steel bridge constructed in the sea for trains to pass between the town of Mandapam mainland to Pamban Island, Rameswaram. The most unique feature of this bridge is that the boat passing through the middle of the bridge can lift up and close up so that the boat can pass underneath it. All the steel pillars are held strong with concrete beams. As we discussed, steel is strong enough to withstand any natural calamities, this iconic bridge withstood a cyclone in 1964. In spite of not much technology, this bridge was constructed in a span of 3 years.

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium , Chennai:

Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Chennai is one of the best stadiums in India to conduct all types of sports activities. It is designed to international standards and facilities in all aspects to conduct the sport, having a seating capacity of more than 45k members. The stadium was mainly built for the purpose of international football tournaments and it was constructed in a time span of just 260 days using all the modern facilities and PEB techniques to make an amazing structure using steel. The main specialty in this is, the PTFE membrane covers the sitting area in the stadium to protect the people from the sun, the look of PTFE roofing is in the shape of a lotus. More than 8000 tons of steel were used for the construction of roofing and support structures.

International Airport, Chennai:

Chennai International and Domestic Airport have a structure in the inspired form of a bird of wings. Chennai Airport is designed with H-shaped vertical bar structures and Lush vertical gardens are surrounded by green courtyards to give a green to the passenger visiting the Airport. To have a column-free public space larger, arching trusses are used. To give a skylight structural view to the terminal high rise steel structures are used for the curving roof.


This article would give a glimpse, into how most of the famous structures in Tamilnadu are built using steel. Now it would be very clear why it’s very important to go for a steel structure for a commercial building or commercial structure. Infragreen is one of the most equipped as well as a qualified teams of members to make any steel structures vision possible in a quick span of time, with assured quality in the material used and construction process.

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