About the few tallest buildings Structure in India

In this article, we will discuss the few tallest buildings constructed in India using steel. Its wound gives a glimpse of how steel has bought changes in the construction field as well as the importance of steel in building up skyscrapers. A building is considered a skyscraper if the height is 150 meters and has at least 40 floors. 

Mumbai city has the maximum number of skyscrapers in India the number of buildings is 74 at least. In this we will be discussing the tallest building which has been constructed completed and habitable, where is the building which is under construction are not taken into consideration. Palais Royale in Mumbai is 1050 feet but it is under construction will not be discussing it.

World One In Mumbai:

As of 2022 World, One building in Mumbai is constructed as the tallest building structure in India, with a height of 926 ft and spread our 17.5 acres. The world towers consist of 3 towers, where 2 construction invoiced, civil contractors. There are other two towers in this namely world view and world crest. One of the most challenging aspects of this construction is the super height and how to handle the tall structure for natural causes like rain, flood, earthquake, and so on. 

The best solution to build such a complex structure in tall buildings can be achieved through steel only. In this building construction lot of internationally expert engineers made a steel frame design how the load weighs region can be equally distributed with the steel design. In this build, the steel farms are constructed using very thick steel rods and panels with the flexible nature of steel makes the structure work easy. In such kind of skyscraper construction, lots of PEB and planning are required.

Rameswaram TV Tower:

Rameswaram TV Tower is a free-standing tower of 323 meters that was built in 1995 and used by the Doordarshan for the purpose of telecommunication. The structure is composed of steel and concrete reinforcement. The steel used in this construction is lattice steel which is used to create a rigid structure. For getting the rigid structure truss are used.

A truss is nothing but assembly members like beams, which are connected by nodes. The main purpose of using the steel truss is to carry heavy loads and transfer structures sometimes. The truss is mostly used as supporting elements to roofs, internal loading, and floors. 

The reason beyond using the steel trusses is.

  • The long time span for the building.
  • Steel is lightweight as trusses make for it can be easily transported.
  • Steel trusses reduce deflection when compared to plain members.
  • Trusses give an opportunity in supporting considerable loads.
  • Trusses provided horizontal stability to the structure by caring for the roof load.

Dahanu Thermal Power Station:

Dahanu Thermal Power Station Chimney otherwise known as DTPS is a coal-based thermal power station in the coastal area of Dahanu town in Maharashtra state. As the chimneys are high-rise structures to emit gas steel is used in the construction process. Since it is of the high steel has to use. For the base plate of the chimney structural steel, cast iron, and cast steel are used. For the other structure, stainless steel is used for the construction of the chimney.

The reason why steel is used in chimney construction are:

  • When steel is used in construction it becomes equipment operative mode and effective in cost.
  • Various types of equipment and fuel can be used and support the erection mode.
  • Steel is available in 8mm thickness which can withstand corrosion and resists it.


The above details would have given an understanding and details of how steel structures have contributed to building structures for both commercial and residential buildings. With the evolution of steel construction so technology-related industries are boom up to make people’s life easier.  InfraGreen is one of the fastest growing steel-related industries working with assure of delivering the project in 100 days. We provide world-class steelworks related to pre-engineered buildings, and the construction of warehouses, factories, cold storage, showrooms, etc.

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