Advantage of steel over other material

In the modern era the steel structures are preferred by the experts for the construction of buildings, bridges, high rise buildings, warehouses and so on over the traditionally used martials like wood , bricks , cement and concrete . This will be discussing the advantage of steel in the construction.

Advantage Using Steel in construction:

  • Speed Construction: Construction is speed in steel building compared to other material because steelwork is prefabricated as only assembly work is done in the site via bolted and nuts.
  • Safety: As only assembly ,dedicated lifting point, controlled erection processes, decking and integrated edge protection is only done at the work site whereas the pre-engineering work is done in the factory because of this the safety of the worker is there.
  • Cost effective: Construction cost is less because of less work force upto 70% less worker ,low foundation costs, less raw material(steel) cost , quick business startup and steel can be recycled.
  • Strong and Sustainable: Steel is strong because it can withstand seismic events, fires, corrosion from rust, water , mold ,insects and extreme weather conditions. Easy for architectural expression work.
  • Prefabrication: All the building components are produced in the factory as only assembly is done at site reduces the error and negative impact at end user.
  • Reduced weight: Steel is light in weight when compared to the concrete structure so a smaller foundation is needed and an easy existing structure without any effort like adding an extra floor.
  • Environment Friendly: Structural steel is produced from recycled material and can be used again and again without affecting the environment. Steel had Environmental Product Declaration(EPD)

These advantages make steel the best construction material over the other construction material and steel is the modern era building material.

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