Bracing in steel structures

Bracing means a support for the existing structure . It may be a secondary structure element in the construction of steel structures but it’s the most important and essential element of the bridge structure .The main purpose of the bracing construction in the steel structure is for the even distribution of the load effects. In simple words it is a method for stabilizing the building structure against the lateral forces.

Purpose of Bracing in Steel Structure:

  • The main purpose of the bracing in the steel structure is to give the stability and strength to the structure built using the steel.
  • Even distribution of the lateral loads and vertical loads between the main beams.
  • This is an alternative structure for having a strength and stiffness in the foundations.
  • Resistance is very high in the bracing steel structure when compared to the non-braced structures.
  • The other most important purpose of bracing is lateral displacement can be reduced .

Types of Bracing:

The two main types of bracing systems used in the construction structure are as follows.

  • Horizontal Bracings:Bracings are provided in the horizontal planes of each floor in the structure. It helps in distributing the load from the perimeter columns to the vertical bracing at the plane. Horizontal bracing is used to withstand the force or pressure caused by the heavy wind force.There are two types of Horizontal Bracings which are:
    1. Diaphragms:The horizontal diaphragm system provides stability by the floor system. Example composite Floor.
    2. Precast Concrete Slabs: In this accurate measure are needed to serve this purpose.
  • Vertical Bracings: This type of bracing is done between the column lines , helps in transferring the horizontal force to the ground level and transferring the entire load to the foundation of the building to withstand overall sway. This has two types , they are :
    1. Cross Bracings : Main purpose of this is to withstand the tension forces only and tis stability depends on the load direction.
    2. Single Diagonal Bracings: It helps in withstanding both the force , i.e tension force and compression forces. This structure highly resists the wind load and horizontal force. Structure stability is improved by having more vertical plane bracings.

Why Bracing using steel?

The reason for using steel for the bracing purpose is it increases the resistance of the lateral force and stiffness of the frame. As steel is considered the strongest material as well as cost effective in building a strong structure.  Bracing provides the control buckling to the main beams , load distribution and dimensional control. Steel bracing is a permanent type of bracing whereas the support remaining in the building , in case of the temporary bracing the bracing is removed. The best example for this is concrete in builds , where the supports are removed once concrete is hardened.

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