Components of PEB

PEB Stands for pre-engineered building system, which includes the building’s structural system like roof and wall cladding. The structure mainly consists of frames in a rigid form.  PEB is used mainly in the construction of commercial buildings.  

Main Components of PEB:

  1. Primary Components: Three main parts in primary components are, rafters, columns, and main frame.
    • Main Frame: The main frame is also referred to as built-up members and it’s the basic building structure made of rigid steel. Mainframes are built using columns and rafters. 
    • Columns: Load from the vertical beam are transferred to the foundation using the columns. Normally I section is used to transfer the load as it gives strength to the give economical benefit of the product.
    • Rafters: To support the roof and load associated with the are supported using the design of the rafters. Rafters are slop structural members that extend for up-to-the wall-plate or ridge.
  2. Secondary Components:

Here are a few lists of the secondary components.

  • Purlins 
  • Bracings 
  • Tie Road 
  • High Tensile Bolts
  • Angle bracings
  • Washers

The secondary components are used as supporting parts for the roof and wall panels. They provide longitudinal load support to the building structure helping the building to withstand natural disasters like heavy winds and earthquakes. For support, the purlin section points are used they are availing in Z, C, and Sigma shapes.

  1. Roofing or Cladding:

Roofing provides protection to the internal structure of, the building from the surrounding environment like sunlight, rain, and dusty winds. The standard roofing materials sheet of 0.47mm and the wall cladding sheet is o 0.50 mm.

Why Infragreen For PEB?

In InfraGreen, all the PEB components are used for the sustainability, strength, and significance of the building structures. To provide premium quality PEB works all the designs are carefully manufactured and assembled by a team of experienced professionals.

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