Development and Advanced applications of concrete-filled steel tubular (CFST_Structures)

The term CFST stands for the concrete-filled steel tube in which the composite structure is used for benefiting both the hollow structure steel and concrete core. In unbraced and braced building structures the CFT columns are used as n primary lateral resistance systems. 

Advantages of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes:

  • Steel and concrete orientation have a cross-section optimization in the stiffness and strength of the section.
  • Resisting bending moment and tension handling are performed effectively by the outer steel perimeter.
  • Steel has much greater elasticity than concrete, and the stiffness of the CFT is greatly enhanced.
  • In rectangular CFT the concrete forms delays and prevents the local buckling of the steel.
  • In circular CFTs the steel tube confines the concrete core and in rectangular CFTs confines ductility.
  • As high-strength concrete and thin-walled steel tubes are used together high-strength concrete is partially mitigated.
  • CFT structures have a stronger per square foot than conventional reinforced concrete columns.
  • For high-strength applications, small column sizes can be used.
  • After assembling the steel section can be reused and steel has the scrap value.
  • Steel construction is preferred for temporary structures.

Properties of the CFST structures:

  • Gives mechanical strength to the structure.
  • The CFST structure is fire resistance and impact resistant.
  • It has thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Following are the various types of CFST columns:

  • Composite column systems.
  • Reinforced composite column systems.
  • Concrete-filled double-skin tubes (CFDST).
  • Reinforced Concrete-filled double-skin tubes (CFDST).
  • Concrete-encased CFST columns vi Stiffened CFST columns.

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