How Steel has Evolved in Indian Architecture and Design in Construction Field?

Whenever material is discovered, that tends to bring some sort of the change in society which may be in the terms of construction, material, or many more facts. Steel can deliver a systematic, clean construction process. Like, with the discovery of materials like steel has also brought some face mainly in the field of construction. 

Discovery of steel date back to 4000 years when the blacksmith in attempting to make the steel stronger added coal to it, which lead to a new material named ‘steel’. The era of steel structures begging with the availability of iron alloy and the steam engine.

Steel Production In India:

India is the second-largest producer of steel in the world, at the same time the second-largest-largest consumer of steel in the world. The primary force behind the industrialization policy is the use of metals, among all the metal steel is the one that has received the spot for its strength, flexibility, and eco-friendliness. In India, the steel industry is classified into the below following categories.

  • Major Producers
  • Main Producers
  • Secondary Producers

With the increasing need and demand for steel, the Indian steel industry has been set to modernize with the up-gradation of new technologies and higher energy machines.

Steel in Building Construction:

As steel has lots of advantages it has taken the dominant position in the construction sector. Steels can be integrated into other materials like galvanized flat goods, glass, and cold-rolled that are used in the construction of buildings. As the population grows the city expands, tending to increase the number of high-rise buildings. 

To have a strong, flexible architectural design building in a fast and economical manner steel would be the best solution material for the construction. With steel buildings, long-span structures with awesome roofs can be made into vision. The erection of the steel structure can be done in a short span of time and resulting in the starting of the construction work process faster. 

As steel is light in weight it decreased the foundation depth. By using steel in the construction of the building there is the possibility of making changes or adjustments in the flooring strength. Steel is a good fit material for modular construction and advanced technological advancements have hoisted the popularity of steel.

The territory of Steel Marking in India:

The reason why steel is used in the construction of high-rise buildings is that it gives more floors per total height. By using steel in construction the column size is reduced resulting in an increase in the carpet area.

As steel can be used to build structural frames which provide a way to express the architectural design resulting in meeting the client’s desired design for the building. With the help of steel, it has become possible to make or construct buildings crafted with beauty, building dynamically flexible design, and refinement in the architectural detailing statements.

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