LWB Application With Steel in Construction

LWB stands for the light weight metal building system . The main difference between the structural and lightweight steel is the percentage of the aluminum alloying element in it. Light-gauge steel is also referred to as cold-formed steel and cold-rolled steel. For the construction of the LWB , light-gauge steel which is strong is used to make the construction process smoother.

Why LWB Steel Frame Construction?

In the modern era of construction there are a lot of new technologies or techniques that have emerged in the field of construction .Designing and building a structure using the prefabricated building  material benefits in lots of aspected as well as gives a strong , high-quality and reusable structure. Steel is one of the best alternate materials for the traditional construction material. LWB are strong and less in weight, making the handling and transportation process easy.

Advantage of LWB Construction:

  • Time taken for the construction is reduced by 3-times resulting in reduction in the cost and man-power used for the construction. .
  • Making the working environment safer and clean.
  • Wastage of material used for the construction is reduced and it’s reusable.
  • Materials used for construction of LWB are very high in tolerance.
  • It is possible to construct even in harsh and difficult terrains.
  • In LWB Construction all the works are planned prior to the constructions.
  • As steel is considered very strong it is possible to have a long length bean , which gives flexibility in the design as well as reduces the need of intermediate columns.
  • Steel is always high in quality.
  • Material weight is less and can easily integrate with other materials to make the joining process easy.
  • Fastest installation makes your work start soon .
  • It is resistant to rot, pests and moisture.
  • As building construction cost is less , resulting in a reduction of the insurance cost.

Why is Infragreen the best?

Infragreen is one of the best in Tirupur , Coimbatore , Salam and Erode doing steel related works , design , structure and construction using PEB methods. We ensure to give the keys on time , with all the material used for the process being of high quality and strong. Satisfaction is our key mantra for a happy client or customer.

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