Mezzanine floor for a Steel Commercial Building

What is a Mezzanine Floor?

An intermediate floor between the main floor of the building is referred to as the Mezzanine floor. The same ceiling is shared between the building floor and the mezzanine floor, more over the mezzanine floor only covers part of the building area.

Types of Mezzanines Floor For Commercial or Industrial Buildings:

  • Bar Grating: When additional storage is required for a commercial building Bar grating mezzanines are used.  Example: Warehouse, Manufacturing Plants, Distribution facilities 
  • Synthetic Plywood: This type is a popular choice when selecting for the mezzanine floor and is usually made of wood fibers and resin. It’s the best choice for industrial buildings.
  • Metal Decking: The entire floor is surfaced with metal, mainly used for industries that have traffic on the floor.
  • Concrete flooring: Concrete flooring mezzanine is very strong and durable as well as heavy flooring, but it becomes permanent mezzanine flooring compared to the others.


  • Passage, air, light, and heat can easily pass through the bar grating Mezzanine flooring system.
  • Wooden synthetic plywood is very strong and durable and has the tendency to withstand any load weight.
  • Metal decking Mezzanine floors are used in an industrial buildings where autonomous mobile robots are used as they may cause wear and tear.
  • Based on the business growth, extra space can be added without making any construction work in the building space.
  • Other than concrete mezzanine flooring types, others are non-permanent and can be changed from time to time based on the growing business needs.
  • When there are tall buildings, the large vertical space can be effectively used to construct the mezzanine floor.
  • Mezzanine construction is the best cost-effective way to increase the space for a commercial building with the construction of a new building or moving to a new building.

Used of the Mezzanine Floor:

Mezzanine floors are mainly used for industrial buildings or commercial spaces for single or multi-purpose based on the need or necessity. For a single purpose, the mezzanine floor is constructed in a small area whereas for multiple purposes the mezzanine floor is constructed to cover the large flooring area.

Purpose of Mezzanine Floor:

The main purpose mezzanine floors are used for storing, office, and working space.

InfraGreen Mezzanine Floor Construction:

Looking for the best, most cost-effective, practical, and simple solution to increase the floor space for any industrial building or warehouse is mezzanine floor construction. We InfraGreen Coimbatore and Pongalur construct the mezzanine floor for the existing business plant without any distribution in the work as most of the work is done using the PEB methods. We use quality strong and durable materials for the construction process, with an effective, qualified, and experienced team we ensure to complete the project on time to meet the need of your growing business needs.

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