PEB Usage in Steel Buildings

PEB stands for Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) where components are builded in the factory or in a different location and then they are all assembled on the site. PEB is usually used in the steel structure , that is an alternative way for the steel building structure.

List of benefits For Using PEB in Steel Buildings:

  • They are cost-effective , as less space is required for the construction process where much of the work is done at the factory.
  • As only assembly is done in the site much or the time is saved .
  • When extensions have to be done for the existing steel building it can be done easily without any interruption in the work and not much change to existing structure.
  • Steel structure offers a wide design option from an architectural perspective and steel is versatile in characteristics.
  • Properly planned steel structures constructed using the PEB last long in terms of durability and the quality of the steel structure as well.
  • As steel is resistant to rust and corrosion it’s easy for maintenance and results in less maintenance cost.
  • As steel can be recycled , it is eco-friendly and companies willing to incorporate green construction for the next project can use steel structure.
  • Using PEB in the construction process results in the speedy  construction process and less manpower at site.

Different Steel Structure Members:

  • Primary Frame.
  • Secondary Structural Elements.
  • Roof & Wall Panels.
  • Sandwich Panels.
  • Other Accessories.

Components of PEB:

  • Rigid steel frame in the construction of the building is referred to as the main framing or vertical columns.
  • The horizontal rafters are supported using the end wall rafters.
  • To give the desired shape steel coils are welding , as Z-shape for purlin and C-shape for eave struts.
  • To reduce the forklift’s traffic an effective space utilization crane system is used for the handling of the materials.
  • Roofing sheets are painted with permanent color as well as painted with anti-corrosion insulation materials.
  • Construction of the sub-floor in the middle of two main floors is referred to as the mezzanine system.
  • As painted steel is used to make the finishing process fast and easy.

Reason to For PEB Buildings:

The main reason to move from the traditionally conventional building to PEB buildings is that they provide us with design customization , durability of the structure , cost-effectiveness , saves time and sustainability. It’s an era of steel going up with the latest technology construction. 

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