Importance of steel buildings in construction

Steel has been used in construction from the late 19th century. Lately steel construction involved large factories construction and industrial construction. Recently steel construction has become an important technique even for smaller buildings and even personal residences.

Using steel construction has the following advantages:
    1. Steel is considered a “green” product. Steel is entirely recyclable even if it’s old. Steel buildings have no age if properly maintained. 
    2. Steel building Construction has evolved along with engineering. There are numerous studies and papers on PEB Construction. infraGreen has been using the various studies for its construction.
    3. The strength  provided by the Steel is unavailable for buildings built with wood frames and brick walls.
    4. Because of steel’s strength, architects have more flexibility in designing buildings and homes with various designs and utility spaces, especially in multi storey commercial construction.
    5. Steel building construction and metal building construction are Truly Flexible, low cost and time saving. 
    6. With infraGreen you can launch the building in 100 days.


We have invested time to perfect the steel construction  and building engineering. From the start to till date, we keep learning and implementing new technologies. Look at our Projects to know more about it. 

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