Steel Framing and PEB

Framing In Steel Structure:

Steel framing refers to the skeleton for the structure , in this technique the horizontal and vertical columns are built in a rectangle grid  to support the floors , roof and walls of the building . This technique is very useful in constructing a skyscraper.

Types of Steel Framings:

  • Wall-Bearing : In this type of the structure is erected to the perimeter of  masonry walls ,using a bolt , bearing the steel members anchored to the masonry walls.
  • Skeleton : Skeleton is the inter connection network of columns and beams to support the entire structure weight. For multi-story buildings to support the entire structure weight spandrel beams are used.
  • Long-Span: This structure required a massive clearance between the walls or beam structure at least 12m. This type of structure is very unusual and most commonly used for the construction of theaters , industrial buildings , etc.

Advantage of Steel Framing:

  • High-Quality:  As steel structure can be fabricated off-site , which ensures a high quality of work when doing construction on-site.  Off-site means much of the PEB works are done at the factory leave with all the facility requirements whereas in on-site construction this facility will not be available , tending to reduce in the quality of the structure . This type of construction with PEB benefits in saving the on-site cost.
  • Durability : The steel is lightweight when compared to other materials and its resistance to corrosion. Zinc coated steel is available nowadays which has the quality to resist rusting , that is it can last much longer and steel has very high strength to withstand heavy loads.
  • Different Sizes: Based on the structure of the frame , steel is now available in different sizes and types , which can be easily customized for different structure requirements.
  • Fire resistance : As steel is coated with anti-flame substance , its resistance to fire reduces the risk of spread of fire to the entire structure or buildings.
  • Weather Resistance: As steel is considered to be one of the most strong substances it can withstand the harsh weather conditions and no damage when exposed to hot summer or chill winter.


PEB stands for Pre-Engineered Buildings , in this the building components are manufactured at the factory unit and then the components are assembled at the work site. PEB is used in steel construction. Reason why steel buildings are cost effective and fast to build is that PEB can be used. In this case all the basic structure is done at the factory level only the PEB works are done at the site. 

How steel structure help in PEB works:

As we discussed above PEB does most of the work off-site , for construction of the entire structure as a block and assembling it as another place needs lots of planning and proper design . Steel structure helps in how a big structure can be divided into blocks for easy assembly. We can simply say that PEB and steel structures are married to each other.

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