How steel is a predominant material in building skyscrapers or architecture building structures:

What are Skyscrapers?

Very tall buildings with many floors are referred to as ‘Skyscrapers’  These kinds of buildings have more than 10 floors, but in recent years skyscrapers have had more than 100 floors, once such buildings example is Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

What are architecture buildings structures?

The art of designing buildings that is very unique in design as well as physical appearance is referred to as architectural building structures. These kinds of buildings have very different kinds of looks in the exterior and interior to show any kind of design construction can be made possible.

Benefits of using steel in Skyscrapers and architectural building structures:

  • In recent times for building a high-rise building or multi-level building a strong but lightweight material is required, steel is one such material replacing the traditional material used for the construction.
  • It is easy to make varied kinds of structures using steel material as it is strong and flexible to be bent to any structural design to make architectural buildings.
  • Wind load effects are always there in the high rise and uniquely structured buildings, steel being a flexible material allowing it to move and deflect wind force, whereas if the concrete is used the building would be rigid.
  • When steel is used in tall buildings more floors are allowed per total height than usual, basically 1.5 extra floors for the same height.
  • Steel makes in possibly creating large and column-free internal spaces.
  • As in steel most of the work is done using PEB resulting in less time in on-site activities, labor, and material as well as very minimal distribution to the nearby community, unlike construction using concrete material.

Why is steel used for designing building structures?

When steel is used in the construction of structures most of the work is done using the PEB, which ensures in construction of very quality structural steel for the buildings required. The lode of the building is reduced by 30 to 60 % when steel is used for the construction, then a similar structure is made of concrete. Due to the flexible nature of steel, it can be shaped and sized to make a different and unique structure.

Why is InfraGreen is best steel structure for high-rise buildings?

Pre-engineered steel structures systems, are the specialty of InfraGreen, allowing for optimization and efficiency in the design of a multistory steel building design. In recent years with the growing urban population building, multi-story building structures made of steel are used.

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