What is Steel building for the garment industry?

In the garment industry the building structure and size changes in a short span of time based on the need. Steel building structures are the most appropriate building structure for the garment industry. Steel is versatile, sustainable, flexible and cost-effective and has a high strength to weight ratio where other materials are not. Reason for using steel building structure for garment industry are

  • Steel is strong, cost effective, long lasting, durable, resistant to pests and insects, and can withstand climate conditions like rain, wind, earthquake and cold.
  • With PEB methods the steel building can be constructed quickly like within 100 days.
  • Nonstop work can be carried out if the new structure or work space has to be increased.
  • Mezzanine system in steel building which allows us to utilize the vertical space in the existing facility in order to effectively increase storage and/or work space.
  • Cranes can be installed easily with a quick span of time in the steel building structure as cranes are a necessary one in the garment industry and incorporation with current structure. 
  • Steel can withstand heavy weight so that it can be used in the dyeing unit of the garment industry which gives more space, quick to build and cost effective.
  •  In the garment industry certain process temperatures had to be maintained; it is done with the help of a ventilation system. So Ventilation system installation in steel buildings does not need extra space as it is done on the roofing.

Infragreen is one of the best companies in constructing the steel building structure for all types of commercial facilities building in Tamil Nadu. Infragreen all the PEB work is done in our factory with our qualified team and as the installation process is only done we are able to do the work in a quick time. Infragreen assures that a business can be started in 100 days.

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