Why infragreen for Pre Engineered steel buildings

The Pre engineered steel buildings are very much important when it comes to commercial construction. There are many players in the industry but there are only few companies like infragreen that follow every procedures and standards in the PEB steel building construction in Tamilnadu. 

Experience in the steel building industry:

We have over 23 years of experience in the steel PEB construction industry. Infragreen has successfully completed more than 700 projects in the construction such as PEB Steel warehouse construction, PEB steel factory construction, PEB steel showroom construction, PEB steel fabrication buildings, PEB steel manufacturing, PEB steel textile mill construction etc., in the districts of tamilnadu like tirupur, coimbatore, erode and salem.

Timely Delivery 100 Days Completion:

Infragreen loves challenges in steel building construction. We have standard operating procedures to complete any steel building construction in 100 days. Our PEB research team will plan all the requirements of the building and allocate resources according to the 100 days plan. Our construction engineers ensure that the work is completed in a timely manner.

Quality is our first priority:

Infragreen steel construction company takes quality very seriously. We have deployed a special quality control team for every work we do and every steel building products we manufacture. Being one of the best steel building manufacturers in Tamilnadu quality is our number one priority.

Own Manufacturing Unit:

All our products are manufactured in our own factory located in tirupur. We are the manufacturer of steel buildings, manufacturer of metal buildings, manufacturer of PEB steel components, Manufacturer of metal roofing sheets and other supported components like purlins, ventilators, lighting units, cranes, mezzanines etc. As we are the manufacturer of PEB steel buildings in tamilnadu, we can give competitive pricing. 

National and international Standards:

Infragreen follows every national and international standards in the steel building construction industry. We are ISO certified steel building PEB manufacturers and we are members of Indian Green building council. We follow American Iron and Steel Institute standards. We also implement American Institute of Steel Construction ( AISC ) standards in all our steel and metal building constructions.

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